Why Should Kids Play Sports?




Playing different sports and games with friends is an important and enjoyable part of childhood for every child. Nowadays, with easy access to so many forms of media and entertainment, it is important for children to balance their time in front of a screen with their time out in the sun. While inherently fun and enjoyable, playing organized sports also has several other benefits!

Playing team sports like football, lacrosse or soccer promotes social skills and friendship among children. These organized sports inculcate values like discipline and hard work, and make children more well mannered and confident. They also promote camaraderie and make it easier for kids to meet people from different backgrounds and make friends.

There are of course, several physical benefits to playing sports. Spending time in the fresh air and sun makes children healthier and promotes growth and bone strength. Regular exercise prevents child obesity, which is a growing evil all over the world. Moreover, playing organized sports like baseball or cricket improves motor skills and hand eye coordination. These sports also improve eyesight and boost mental development. As children are always energetic and curious, playing sports gives them a chance to focus and channel their energy in a constructive manner. It also allows them to develop a healthy metabolism and improve their immunity. While academic learning is important and essential, participating in organized sports ensures an all round development for children, which in turn adds to their academic success.

The important lessons kids learn while playing sports stay with them for a lifetime. They learn the different rules of each game, and learn how to respect their coaches and referees. Victory and loss are a part of life, and it’s important for children to understand this at a young age. Thus, they learn how to deal with failure or disappointment in a safe environment, which motivates them to push harder and achieve success in all spheres of their lives.