How to Run and Create a Social Media Campaign


How to Start a Social Media Campaign




The importance of social media in today’s marketplace is almost impossible to overlook. Networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have undoubtedly colored the way we interact with each other, and with our world. But the task of actually creating and running a social-media campaign can be a daunting one – how do we negotiate these complex and constantly changing networks effectively?


Here are some easy-to-follow tips that should help you know how to run and create a social media campaign. These same tips will also help you know how to formulate and maintain an effective social media campaign.


Identify your goals


Any effective marketing campaign needs to have a goal in sight. What do you hope to gain from it? For example, you may wish to make your brand appeal to a younger audience or to increase awareness of a particular product. Getting a clear idea of this up front will make things a lot easier.


Understand what your audience wants


Now it’s time to do your research. What is your target audience? What brands do they love, and how do they engage with them? Hone in on a few relevant brands’ social-media channels and see what is working there: what kind of posts get the best response, what content engages them the most and what stimulates the biggest reactions. This information will form the backbone of your strategy.


Schedule regular content updates


Next, make a specific plan. How much content do you intend to put out, and how often? Also, consistency is key: a successful social media campaign is updated regularly, and engagement increases gradually through repeated promotion over a period of time, not just with a couple of big posts. So schedule your content updates, and be consistent in carrying out your plan.


Keep track of results – and adjust accordingly


Now you have a strategy, the next step is to monitor how it performs. What does well? What are people responding to well? Consider your social media channels as testing-grounds, and update your strategy constantly according to which content performs the best. This will vary for numerous reasons – what’s in the news, an updated website algorithm, or even the weather – so we can never predict with any certainty what will work. But we can check, update and check again.


The world of social media is exciting, constantly changing and unpredictable, but by taking these steps you have the best chance of creating and running a successful campaign. Good luck!