Signs you need to call a Knoxville plumber


Signs that you need a Knoxville plumbing repair

The plumbing system is made up of complex networks of fixtures and pipes which work together to drain the wastewater into the sewerage system and to bring safe drinking water to your house. With a failed plumbing system, it becomes impossible for Knoxville homeowners to get through with their daily chores. It is therefore of utmost importance to call a plumber on the signs of a failing plumbing system as soon as you can. Unfortunately, most homeowners ignore some of the tell tale signs and end up with a more severe situation that ends up costing them so much more.

The signs include:

Reduced water pressure


Reduced water pressure is an indicator of a leaked pipe which requires immediate action. Alternatively, it could mean that there is a buildup of materials in the fixtures that may end up becoming a more serious issue. A Knoxville Plumber will descale the fixture or pipe and will also recommend a softener to prevent the hard water from making such a mess again.

Water spots in your home


If your plumbing is leaking, you are probably likely to notice water spots in different areas of your house. You may notice some water leaking from the sink in which case you will require the help of a plumber. Leaks are sometimes hidden from view, look out for spots in the ceiling or the yard.

Drain clogs

Major drain clog can keep you from performing some of the most basic tasks in your house. If a plunger fails to loosen up the clog, it is an indicator that the situation needs a plumber to clear the blockage and to prevent them from appearing again.

Discolored water


Discolored water is also another indicator that your plumbing system is out of shape. You may need a water treatment system to take away the contaminants in the water that may be a cause of the discoloration. Unfortunately, the brownish appearance might indicate rust in the pipes; then your pipes may need replacement.