How a Maryland Roofing Contractor Can Save You Thousands


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We know homeowners like to save money by doing repairs themselves or hiring the handyman down the street who charges a small hourly fee. But when it comes to the major investment you have in your home, the cheapest route is often not the best. Hiring a certified, dependable, qualified roofing contractor such as Russell Anthony Exteriors Maryland will likely save you some money in the long run.


Here are some things to consider when facing a roof issue, whether repair, replacement, or maintenance.


Choosing the right roof for your Maryland home isn’t just a matter of driving to the local home improvement store and picking out something that you like, and something that is probably low-cost. There are other factors to consider that a Maryland professional roofing contractor can walk you through. For example, is the roof you are choosing the right one for your climate? Some roofing materials look great, but do not survive well in wet climates where they have a short lifespan. Ask if your existing roof can be repaired or if the old roof needs to be removed. Sometimes it does not, but sometimes it can serve as a base for the new roof giving you an additional layer of protection. What if the handyman from down the street falls off your roof? Who is liable for paying to have his injuries treated?

And if the job ends up with your new roof leaking, what recourse do you have? A dependable Maryland roofing contractor will have up-to-date credentials that include licenses from your city or state, and proof of liability insurance, and a worker’s compensation certificate. Your contract should have some type of warranty, which is a good factor to consider when weighing the merits of several roofing contractors. It is best to seek a written copy of the warranty and the estimate as this makes it easier to compare all the offer and to avoid misunderstanding with the roofing contractor later about what or what is not covered in your warranty. A key to the quality of your new roof is geared, in part, to the number of nails per tile. You need to make sure that number meets local and state building codes.


An experienced and dependable Maryland roofing contractor will not ask for all the money up front. It’s reasonable to expect a good portion upfront, as the contractor needs to purchase materials, but you want to retain a portion of the total so that if there are problems, they can be resolved before final payment is made. By using this guide, you should be able to find a contractor who will give you a roof or repair that will last for many years.