Signs You Need a New Roof for your Nebraska Home



It is very important to keep an eye on the condition of your roof since it is your first defense against the Nebraska weather. The roof requires the occasional repairs but there are some circumstances that call for the roof to be replaced. These signs should notify you when you need a new roof. 

A Leaking Roof 

The occasional leakage in your house can be fixed by routine maintenance of the roof. If on the other hand, you get water in every room of your house even during a light shower then it is time to replace your roof. 

Loss of shingles 

It is very normal for your roof to loose shingles over time. Therefore small patches of your roof without shingles are pretty okay. Over a long period of time, the loss of shingles may accelerate and this is a sign that you need to get a new roof. When you start finding large amounts of shingle granules in your gutters or see them being blown away by the wind then it’s time to call Nebraska roof repair. 

Gaps in the tiles 

There shouldn’t be any gaps between your roofing tiles since such gaps result in leaks and reduce the insulation abilities of your roof. In addition to leakages, gaps in the roof can be diagnosed when you notice shards of light through through the roof boards. Multiple gaps in the roof could mean that your roof was poorly installed and therefore you should get a new roof. 

Storm Damage 

Storms cause a lot of damage on the roofs through their sheer power, debris and also falling tree branches. In the aftermath of a storm, it is imperative that you inspect your roof to identify the extent of the damage. If your roof happens to have a branch fall on it or a storm blow of some of its roofing tiles then it is advisable for you to get a new roof. 

When you notice any of these signs then you should contact Nebraska roof repair.