6 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Maryland Roofing Contractor



Getting the right roofing contractors in Maryland to replace or install a new roof for you can be a daunting task. The roofing industry has a bad reputation and this is for good reason. Most people who purport to be roofing contractors today are charlatans who pass themselves off as “roofing professionals.” Some take advantage of homeowners to use substandard materials, manipulative sale tactics and do substandard work because they either lack skills or are inexperienced.


Due to the obvious reason that most homeowners will not know when a contractor is cutting corners or performing their jobs incorrectly. The article below details various questions that homeowners should ask in order to increase their chances of land the right roofing contractor.


Is The Roofing Contractor Certified?



One should always check whether the roofing contractor they are seeking to enter into contact with is certified to do roofing. Do not be afraid to ask for certification documents, since uncertified contractors will often perform substandard work. If the roofing contractor happens to be certified by a leading roofing manufacturer, you should consider it an added advantage. This is because it is an indicator that they take their work seriously and will stand behind it.


What Is The Maryland Contractors Mode of Operation?


You should always establish whether the contractor has their own labor force or will subcontract the works to sub-contractors or individuals. Contractors who hire subs usually perform the jobs faster and generally have better prices. The downturn to this is that quality is compromised since it is simply not a priority. Contractors who use their own roofing professionals will generally perform quality work since they are in control of their labor force.


Do They Have A Good Reputation?


Before going in search of a roofing contractor always first seek for referrals from friends, neighbors, homeowners and tradespeople you trust. People will generally refer contractors who performed a good job for them.


How Long Have They Been In Business?


You should always go for contractors with more than 5 years’ experience in the roofing industry. This is because roofing contractors who do a shoddy job will generally not last this long. The longer the contractor has been in the industry, the better their experience is and the better the job they will perform.


Do They Provide Workmanship Warranty?


Because manufacturers do not provide workmanship warranty it is always important to look out for a contractor who provides it. This is to protect you against being a victim of shoddy work and unscrupulous contractors. You should always ask for workmanship warranty of a minimum of one or two years which is the industry standard.



Has The Maryland Contractor Properly Insured Themselves and Their Employees?


You should always ask for valid insurance documents from the contractor from a reputable insurance rather just taking their word for it. This is meant to protect you from suffering liabilities in case a worker falls off the roof and, injured and they decide to sue for lost wages and medical costs.




As a Maryland homeowner the above questions will go a long way in ensuring you land the right contractor to do a good job on their roof and should be strongly considered as essential in that regard.