Choosing the Right Tires for Your Car



Choosing the best tires for a car is vital for control and safety, get the wrong one and it will deteriorate your car’s performance. The type of tire that is best suited for your car depends on factors such as driving environment, usage and car type.

While It is highly preferred that you buy the original set of tires you initially had that came with your car. Replacing them with the original might not yield the same performance as the original, this is because your original tires are modified in design to accommodate for better rendition, providing a smooth, comfortable and quite ride.The tier’s size and specifications are given in the owner’s manual.

These generally contain a series of numbers and alphabets such as 155/70R13 75T. Here the first three digit number depicts the overall width in millimeters.

The succeeding two digit number states it’s aspect ratio, the relation between it’s height and width.

The letter R signifies that the tire is radial. 13 is the diameter of the wheel in inches for which the tire fits. 

The number 75 states the total amount of load the tire can support. Finally T indicates it’s speed rating with respect to its total load index. 

Types of tires:

High performance tires: These are the best tires to be used if you are looking for a well round performance, but never outstanding in any particular aspect . Normally, labelled as M(mud) and S(snow), they provide a predominant grip on wet roads. These are generally fitted to mainstream cars, minivans and even light trucks, with varied load indexes.

High performance tires: These tend to wear and tear quickly, as the name suggests it is designed for sports cars to ensure tight grip, especially to stay on road in corners and sudden turns. These have maximum grip on pavements provided there is no snow present.

All terrain tires: These are best used for traveling on both on and off road terrains, they tend to provide a greater grip in sand and muddy terrains than all season tires, but do not provide the same level of comfort or silence while driving in pavements and asphalts.

snow tires: These are best tires for people who usually drive in icy roads. They provide an extra grip and control that you normally would not get from using an all season tire. however they do not provide the same amount of grip while driving on pavements and asphalts.

The best tires for a car are ones which come with it, a direct replacement is generally preferred when you car is relatively new. However, while making a switch consider the several aspects listed and make a well informed decision.




Article by: SD Wheel Corp. St Charles, IL