In the recent years dog training has continued to evolve with holistic compassion based trainers and edgy trainers popping up daily. The world is not only littered with new ideas and new school philosophies but also many workshops, online users and training schools have been developed to train persons. Sometimes getting recommendations from a friend or a veterinarian who has used a trainer is the best way to go for. However, even with these, here is a list of things you should consider before choosing a professional dog trainer.

Period of training

Consider choosing a person who has been a trainer for some years and has experience. However, sometimes it will not be obvious that a trainer who has more years of training would be better than the one with less years of training. What matters is how frequent have they changed their methods or improved their skills all that time.

Methods used

Best dog trainers will always implement ideal methods to work with the dog especially in cases where the dog may refuse to obey the commands. Check on the punishment methods of the trainer. Consider balanced trainers who use both praise and corrections in these instances.

Education background

The best dog trainers would strive to improve their skills on a daily basis by attending seminars and workshops and learn new techniques. Choose trainers who are members of organizations like Association of Pet Dog Trainers since these organizations encourages on ongoing education but avoid trainers who think they already know everything.


Professional dog trainers should have dog training insurance. Most of these trainers avail these credentials on their websites and should always be ready to give a proof when needed.


Best dog trainers should always motivate and inspire you. A trainer whom you have trust in and can listen to you. Since at the end of it all the dogs will remain with you. Choose a trainer who will not neglect you in the favor of your dogs.