When do I Need to Call a Personal Injury Attorney?




A personal injury attorney is most frequently called or hired when people are involved in a car crash with injuries and/or monetary losses as an outcome. For these cases, lawyers are hired in order to aid those who filed a personal injury claim against an insurance company. Some also choose to skip the personal injury attorney after suffering only mild injuries, and those people have enough time to research on the legal claims process themselves. This process also saves money you would otherwise pay for legal fees.


On the other hand, these attorneys can provide a lot of help when you’re dealing with a case that has big auto insurance companies on the other side, who have teams of lawyers on speed dial. Through the whole case, your attorney will serve as your own advocate.


Hiring an accident attorney is more than recommended and even vital for those who suffered more severe injuries, have very expensive medical bills to pay for treatments or lost a significant amount of money due to those injuries.


To determine how severe your injury is prior to calling or hiring your personal attorney, check the following:


1. The type of injury

2. How long the recovery process will take

3. How much you’ll have to pay for medical bills


If you’re suffering from a long-term injury (recovering time 1 year of more) or worse, a permanently disabling injury, then you’re dealing with types of personal injuries that affect not just your ability to work, but the quality of your life, too. Proving these injuries is very tricky, and without a personal injury attorney, you’ll have to gather proof from each medical professional you’ve seen since the car crash.

When your insurance company is disputing its liability for the car crash you survived, they’re basically trying to say that you don’t have enough proof of them being at fault. This leads to your insurance company not wanting to pay for the damages. An attorney will help you provide proof, and that’s also why you should call them as soon as you find out about this occurrence.

Although this covers all reasons when you should call a personal injury attorney, and even though most US states have claims process that go as quickly as possible, you don’t want to jump fast into dialing the first attorney you hear about.

Remember to always consider how reliable your chosen attorney is, as well as how many cases similar to yours they’re dealing with at a given moment. Car accident experience is also an important factor because not all of them have experience with these cases.