A New Pet for Your Family


As I sit in my office working, I can hear the singing of my Gouldian finches.  I’m not very big on family pets.  I’m allergic to cats, and dogs drool everywhere, fish, though nice to look at require too much tank cleaning, but birds are alright with me.  Some might find the chirping annoying, but I find it soothing.

I chose the Gouldian finch as our family pet because of the colors.  They have green backs, purple breasts, yellow bellies, and a cream-colored undertail, with a blue upper tail.  Their face color usually varies.  Black is the most common, followed by red and if you’re lucky like me, you might be able to find a very rare yellow-face gouldian.  Males always have brighter colors and it’s funny to watch them as they ruffle their feathers to attract females.  If you raise gouldians or get one soon after leaving the egg, you will notice their colors are muted.  They usually appear gray or olive.


Some Interesting Facts about our New Family Pets


Gouldian finches usually live in open woods near a lake or stream.  They prefer their nets to be in hollow areas of trees in the trunk or in the branches.  Both the female and the male care for the eggs and their young.  Both sexes grow to six inches tall and do not even weigh an ounce.  Wild gouldian finches are only found in Australia.  Many are bred in captivity, but the wild gouldian finch is an endangered species.  They’re endangered due to forest fires and their habitat being destroyed to urbanization.   Are finches are kept in a large, decorative cage, but if we ever released them to the wild they would need to be on the lookout for snakes and predatory birds who love to eat gouldian finches.


Also, only the males sing!  This led our family to buy two males.  At first, I almost bought more females till I learned this new fact.   Gouldian finches mostly eat seed, unless they’re breeding then they eat more insects.

If you want to buy a gouldian finch, you can buy it from the breeder I bought from here : Gouldian finch for sale.